Gin Parlour

Gin Parlour

If gin is your thing, we’ve got you covered. Your most loved gin drinks are available for you to enjoy, served in the proper way, with our extra special touch.

Why you’ll adore our gin:

Tanqueray’s blend of the purest four times distilled spirit and a selection of handpicked botanicals makes for a delectable taste sensation.

Distilled using a secret recipe, Gordon’s give you a flavour of the finest juniper berries and the bold aromas of orange peel and anise for a delicious, well-balanced gin.

Flowers, roots, fruits and seeds including specially selected cucumbers and Roses are infused to create the exquisite taste of Hendrick’s gin – it’s scrumptious!

Bombay Sapphire combines 10 exotic botanicals from around the world for the perfect mix of dryness and lightness.